Cosmolance Tech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best SEO companies in India with its head office in Noida, India. Since our foundation in November, 2015, we have travelled a journey from rags to riches, from crisis to popularity and from a project to a brand. Our relentless determination, hard work and innovative strategies have always helped us not only to survive but to excel in the fierce digital marketing business competition across the globe. We have succeeded in establishing a client base of over 150 worldwide since our foundation. We have added some new vales and paradigms to digital marketing industry that has extended its scope and made it more a focus rather than an interest. The journey of Cosmolance Tech has been path breaking in the SEO industry with its unshakable higher ethical standards, pioneering breakthroughs, humanizing the SEO process and circular approach. We don’t just build websites or conduct their search engine optimization; we build relationships, the relationships that are long lasting. Our team works with you from initial steps of conceptualization to the final execution. We do not end here we continue this relationship from execution to further planning. This is what sets us apart from the crowd and we name this ‘circular response’ to digital marketing process.Cosmolance Tech Pvt. Ltd. has been delivering high quality results to clients across the globe since we opened in 2015. We offer niche internet marketing services to all businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are a one-stop destination that offers complete but easy digital solutions and services to all your business requirements. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value addition to our clients. The world today is moving towards digitization at a rapid pace. Businesses today need to promptly adopt the digital mediums with perfection to maintain their numero uno position.

We at Cosmolance Tech have an amazing team churning out the most creative digital marketing solutions for you. Right from the Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns to the CRM software WE DO IT ALL for you at affordable prices. We are young, energetic, and creative minds at work. We deliver nothing but the best result that you aspire for. Clientele satisfaction is our religion and we work hard to make our clients happy and their business boom and bloom.


  • We are on a mission to make marketing possible for every business and every budget. We aim to work in tandem with the businesses and revenue goals of every client so that the expenses on digital marketing seem more like an investment for future returns.


  • We aspire to stand in the league of the most trustworthy brands. We want to be a brand that becomes synonymous with Digital Marketing and a name that is on every marketer’s wish list.
  • We aspire to serve both US-market leaders like Google, Yahoo and/or Bing and non-US market leaders like Rambler, Baidu, Yandex, Naver and AUM.

Code of ethics

  • We firmly believe in maintaining the secrecy of any and every client, their members, partners and customers. We make sure that each and every piece of data we get from our clients is given utmost respect and attention. We comply by all rules followed the industry in India.

White Hat SEO 

We strictly follow white hat policy for SEO. We don’t believe in Black Hat SEO tactics to give results to our clients. These tactics are looked down upon by the search engines. Black hat SEO gives quick results but the newer search engine algorithms may blacklist you and make you disappear from the search result universe forever.

Management and Leadership

Preksha Singh (Founder, CEO): She did B.Sc. Maths (Honors) from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi and MBA (Marketing & Finance) from Fore School of Management, Delhi. After completing her studies, she started working in different MNCs in multiple roles. In 2013, she founded V3 solutions Pvt. Ltd., a financial service company in Noida, Delhi. In 2015, she established Cosmolance Tech Pvt. Ltd. She has been the important driving force behind the success of the company. Her vision and dedication has helped in transforming Cosmolance Tech from a small start-up to the best Digital Marketing Company in India. Without her leadership, Cosmolance Tech surely is like an organization with a muddle of men and machine. She acts like a lighting conductor to her energetic and young team to convert the potential of the organization into reality. She has been recruiting and encouraging freshers and lending support to employees during failures that have made her the crisis manager in the company. She knew that failures are the routes to success and has been teaching her team how to manage failures. She has the undeterred vision of establishing Cosmolance Tech as the best digital marketing company not only targeting US-market leaders like Google, Yahoo and/or Bing but also non-US market leaders like Rambler, Baidu, Yandex, Naver and AUM.