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Surely, writing is the most important blogging tools for 2019, just like selling is of marketing but is it the only component? No, most definitely not. So what makes you unique? What gets you the maximum followers? What do people want to read? All your queries can be solved with the right blogging tools for 2019 and I have compiled the best ones for you because honestly, it’s tiring to see blogs that make no

Kenneth Auchenberg, a Microsoft developer has openly called on Mozilla to concede its downfall and join Google on the Chromium project. This is an individual opinion and not a formal statement released by Microsoft. The developer opines that If Mozilla really cares for the Web, they should be contributing constructively rather than erecting a parallel universe which is utilized only by about 5 percent of the people.


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Google has been the top most used search engine for over a decade now and also established its place as one of the tech giants across the world. A personal view towards the success of the search engine would be the quality of search results. Unlike other search engines, the focus is placed on providing web pages with actual content rather than redirect sites. Google, being a leader, has been the most wanted target of

Google has been bringing changes to its ranking algorithm almost every other day which we generally refer to as updates. While some are the minor tweaks and tuning, others heavily modify the search engine result page. Many of the users are unknown to the fact that many times the search results appearing at the top often changes due to these Google Important Update. Google has made quite a few remarkable and important updates which shook up

Innovation is the stair to pinnacle!’ the lines provide a reason as to why the digital market has become one of the most prominent leverage for business all around the world. The witty effort of using constant internet usage as a factor to market products and build consumers throughout the globe is something worth calling a masterstroke!! While one may consider a spectrum of tactics when we talk about digital marketing Strategy 2019  but at

How a Remarketing Campaign can benefit your Business

A Remarketing campaign can be one of the most beneficial assets to your marketing program overall. Remarketing ensures that you don’t waste a single rupee of your marketing budget and helps in retargeting an existing client-base. You can develop stronger customer relationships by ensuring that you create more valuable remarketing initiatives. A Facebook marketing company would, for example, leverage remarketing to provide omni-channel messaging for a customer base. Targeting is enhanced multi-fold

Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

ORM is an emerging field in digital marketing, with some of the biggest firms investing in the domain. Online reputation management has come a long way from being a simple search and convey service, to becoming a full-scale digital data-backed solution.

ORM includes not only social media mentions, but any mention across the entire internet. Reputation management companies are hustling to provide the best ORM services possible in India. They

How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Brand Recognition

LinkedIn is an effective tool for brand promotion in the B2B space. Even for startups that are looking for funding, or established companies seeking new stakeholders, LinkedIn can make all the difference. LinkedIn marketing is quickly becoming one of the premier ways in which brands can market themselves online.

When you are optimizing your offline marketing activities, then online should be on your radar as well. With LinkedIn, you can also share your

Social Media Marketing a boon for Business Growth

Business across the country have benefited from social media marketing. Regardless of whether it is Twitter marketing or Instagram marketing, companies have been able to reach new audiences on these platforms like never before. These platforms offer new insights on customer acquisition and businesses have taken advantage of them. For B2B business investing in LinkedIn marketing, there hasn’t been another similar business-growth platform.

Expanding gradually

A top Facebook Marketing Company would

Mobile First Google’s new motto for Ranking a Website

Google is going mobile-first. Are you? If you’re not, then you should reconsider how you think about mobile in a constantly evolving world. You can also gain the benefits of increased innovation, owing to the fact that mobile is ubiquitous. You can also create responsive mobile websites that look great across all platforms, thereby saving you the cost of creating a unique site for mobile.

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