Having mobile presence for every brand is essential for several reasons. One of the major reasons is that mobile devices now account for a huge share of Internet traffic than desktop computers. This points to the fact that success on digital platform hugely depends on mobile.  While many business owners plan to invest in mobile access, they struggle to find the right approach to engage audience. The confusion lies between whether to opt for a
SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design- All you need to Know
With growing demand of using portable devices such as mobiles and tablets to browse the Internet, it has pushed the boundaries of developing a website that is compatible with all devices, regardless of different screen sizes. A responsive web design is an elixir to this problem. What is a Responsive web Design A responsive web design is a website that works well on all devices and delivers excellent user experience to both mobile and desktop
Social Media Engagement-An Integrated Approach to keep your Jewellery Business top of Mind (1)
As a jewellery business owner, your goal is not only to sell your product, but also ensure that they become your repeat customers. Although digital marketing determines your success, you need to get more social as the competition is peaking among online vendors by the day. That being said, business owners need to engage with their customers and potential customers online to drive them in their stores. How to Achieve this Goal? Social media engagement

3 Types of Negative SEO you need to be Vigilant

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[caption id="attachment_1429" align="alignnone" width="660"] seo[/caption] Negative SEO is the biggest threat to your website and doing away with these attacks needs to be your primary concern. This post is an attempt to give you insight into different kinds of SEO attacks with solutions. The threat of negative SEO is unavoidable, but a few safety measures can serve as a knight in shining armour for your website. Before digging deep into the negative SEO attacks, let’s
5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Generating Leads
[caption id="attachment_1412" align="alignnone" width="660"] 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Generating Leads[/caption] Effective social media marketing drives businesses to convert clicks into sales and visitors into customers and then repeat buyers. Known as the giant social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are extensively used by businesses to increase customer engagement. As these are free social media platforms, they are used by an increasing number of businesses from varied industries, thus skyrocketing the level
According to a report, more than 90 percent of buyers go online to start their real estate search. Although there are so many real estate business owners turning to online, your website can attract a ton of traffic when it is properly optimized by implementing right SEO strategies. Higher rankings of a website result into higher sales. The real estate market, however, is not easy to promote online for a number of reasons, but when

5 Major Google Analytics Mistakes you Must Avoid

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   Invalid Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) Ensuring that you have installed the correct tracking code on all the pages of your website, including the 404 page, needs to be your priority. The installation of the tracking code needs to be done only once as doing it twice will skew your data. This also helps your pages on your website show low bounce rate, may be around two percent.   No Unfiltered View Keeping one

A Step-by-Step plan to Google Tag Manager Migration

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Tags on a website are summed up as an action to measure traffic and optimize online marketing. All the codes associated with tags are difficult to manage and oftentimes it’s time-consuming process to get new tags on your website. As a result, it delays your campaigns by weeks/months and therefore you miss on opportunities, data and sales. This is where tag managements take root. Google Tag Manager is a dominant free tool that lets you
The world of advertising has had massive icons from the Marlboro Man to the Michelin Man and from Tony the Tiger to Ronald Macdonald. TV, print & social media has been leveraged to reach out to relevant audience by companies for a long time. A game-changer on the advertising landscape was the internet being created & the domino effect it had on every single aspect of our lives. It has been changing the way we
How to Optimize Your Website to Reach Your Mobile Audience
As people are turning more to their mobiles to access the web, mobile SEO has become a trending topic. In this current era, people use mobile more rather than desktop for searching on Google. To be precise, mobile has become a primary device when it comes to accessing websites. This is why it becomes essential for the businesses to adapt to these changes and make their websites mobile-friendly to attract more customers. According to market