What is Email Marketing ?

Email marketing is in many ways a backbone and the trump card of digital marketing. Nothing beats the effect of a personalized email sent to your previous, current or prospective customers urging them to buy your hair care product, enrol for a weekly spa session or drop by for a taste of your freshly baked cookies. With close to 205 billion emails being sent every day, email marketing is here to stay and grow even further. It’s a given that email marketing grabs attention at a very intimate level and has landed businesses as much as a 4400% return on investment. How you get there and how quickly your email marketing communications start reflecting heavily on your balance sheet is where Cosmolance takes over! Our team utilisesanalytics-driven email marketing strategies that result in definite sales. Harness the power of the good old email with Cosmolance!



It is personal. It is dynamic. Simply said, Email Marketing works like a dream!




Why the noise about Email Marketing ?

The best Email Marketing services in the world swear by the power of email in building customer loyalty. Crafting content that woos the customer, framing subject lines that induce a click and producing infographics that bulldoze the user’s imagination bringing about conversions is our forte. As we said earlier, we do all of this without getting on their nerves. It’s not just about selling a product, quality online email marketing solutions understand that it’s an idea being sold, by means of a product. The idea must not harass the customer; it must playfully engage their imagination and make the idea appeal to their senses. Believe us, we have got it all figured out at Cosmolance! Most importantly, we enjoy what we do and that means ONLY quality work is what you get at Cosmolance.