Graphic and logo design is an integral part of website design and development. Your website is the most crucial part of your brand and is generally the first impression that a prospective customer or a fan has of you and your brand. Thus, properly designed websites must go beyond coding and must incorporate eye-soothing graphics to add visual appeal to your websites. Graphic design is the key of any web design strategy. It not only projects the creative spirit of your website but is vital component of the overall branding strategy of company/brand/individual. Graphic design includes everything from background images (static or dynamic), banners, sliders and button controls to colour scheme, text font, size, style, infographics, and illustrations.

An attractive graphic design adds values to your website and your brand in general by adding visual appeal and exuberance, professionalism, brand value and usability. Visual appeal is something that is indispensable part of web designing because it facilitates communication between you and your target audience by stimulating aesthetic senses and producing a feeling of intimate connection.

Effective and powerful graphic design brings an air of professionalism to your website in the sense that visitors are more likely to regard your content worthy of reading if the overall website provides an appearance of authority on the subject.

Graphic design is not just creating graphics and uploading them on your website. It performs a function of increasing the usability of your website. It has been found that the visitors often have little patience for complex or confusing websites and will move to other sites quickly. Good graphic design helps you to encourage your viewers to stay on your websites by making navigation simple and user-friendly. At Cosmolance Tech we create content appropriate graphics, select eye-pleasing colours and text styles and create 3D, 2D and motion graphics that add exuberance and a whole new visual experience to your website.

Logo Design

It has become essential for a company, small or large to develop a visual identity in the form of a logo after defining the concept and strategy of a brand/product/service. Logo is a powerful graphic that expresses the vision and aims of your brand or product. It is more than a corporate identity. It is more an interest than a focus. Logo is the visual identity of the brand/company that customers trust while making purchase decisions every time. Company logo helps you to stand out yourself from your competitors and motivates them to take decisions in favour of your company, brand or product.

A picture is worth of thousand words. People remember images longer than text. In other words, graphics or images have longer retention rates. Hence, an attractive logo can actually have an everlasting impact on your customer’s psyche. We offer custom logo design services, especially suited for your business requirements, brands and company.

  • Create unique logo with  your brand’s identity, values and distinctiveness
  • We are team of experienced professionals
  • We design attractive Logos at an affordable cost
  • 100+ logos delivered to our US based clients
  • 100% satisfaction assured
  • 24 x 7 support to assist you with every query

How Cosmolance Tech can serve you?

Cosmolance Tech blends art, text and technology in a harmonious way to craft your story; the story of success. Apart from being the best digital marketing company in India, we offer easy and simple web solutions at affordable prices. We offer graphics and logo design services at competitive pricing worldwide. We have a team of graphic designers who are proficient in CoralDRAW, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc. They create content-appropriate graphics, logos that become standards and high quality eye-soothing images. Such graphics content helps you break the verbosity in your web pages. It also helps you to add an appearance of authority to your pages that gives a feel to the readers that it is a must read content.

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