Microsoft developer says Mozilla should join the Chromium project instead of building a parallel universe

Kenneth Auchenberg, a Microsoft developer has openly called on Mozilla to concede its downfall and join Google on the Chromium project. This is an individual opinion and not a formal statement released by Microsoft. The developer opines that If Mozilla really cares for the Web, they should be contributing constructively rather than erecting a parallel universe which is utilized only by about 5 percent of the people.

Popularity of Chromium based browsers:

Although a prevailing competition amidst the browsers is beneficial, Auchenberg has put forth a valid argument. Chromium-based browsers are more popular than the one offered by Mozilla. Chrome is built on the crest of Chromium’s open- source software scheme. This allows anyone to use the codes for their own project, modify them and offer their alterations back. Chrome’s popularity and Google’s strong support in improving it has led to many browser makers like Opera, Samsung, Brave, Vivaldi to use the Chromium’s open source codes. As time is progressing, more and more users are shifting from Mozilla to Chromium browser. Mozilla thus faces a grueling expedition ahead to keep the project on and going.

Edge is all set for transformation:

Microsoft is all prepped up to replace Edge with a Chromium-based browser. This decision has caused multiple opinions to float on the surface. Several opine that relying on the monopoly of Google browsers is not a great deal. Many more are rejoicing this decision as they feel that Microsoft will lastly have a browser that will work as intended. On the other hand, Mozilla severely lashed out at this decision of Microsoft. Firefox at a given point of time was a very viable option for browsing. But, with other browsers resorting to Chromium backend, its market value has depreciated. Firefox has been smashed down to its nadir. It is now a large setup left to handle a limited number of users. According to StatCounter, an analytics firm, Firefox accounts to just 5 percent of the web usage. It is alleged that Firefox is on the ventilator and Mozilla would be able to pull along, so far the company members and developers do not opt for the competing products!

Mozilla’s unwavering stance:

The statement by Microsoft developer has irked the Mozilla defenders to an extent that their independence has become more important than ever. A web developer, Jeremy Keith tweeted a satirical response, stating that he completely agrees to what Auchenberg says thereby making it important for Mozilla to battle for diversity. Mozilla consents the fact that it has to tread on a rutted road hereafter. But it also made a subtle point that Internet Explorer ruled the roost back in the early 2000s. But over a period of time, it lost its appeal. Mozilla on similar lines acknowledges, that Google’s Chromium is the dominant browser today and its pervasive existence can be witnessed on almost every electronic device. With the major contenders in the market already backing Google, it is undoubtedly very tough for Mozilla to stand against Google.

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