Social Media Engagement-An Integrated Approach to keep your Jewellery Business top of Mind

Social Media Engagement-An Integrated Approach to keep your Jewellery Business top of Mind (1)

As a jewellery business owner, your goal is not only to sell your product, but also ensure that they become your repeat customers. Although digital marketing determines your success, you need to get more social as the competition is peaking among online vendors by the day. That being said, business owners need to engage with their customers and potential customers online to drive them in their stores.

How to Achieve this Goal?
Social media engagement is not difficult when it is done with expertise using the right strategies. Also, the icing on the cake is that you do not need to shell out huge money for this marketing. We have rounded up three tips that can make your social media marketing effective, making a huge difference in your business.

1. Use Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Vine
Image plays a vital role in jewellery industry. When photos and videos are shared consistently on social media platform, it enables you to grab the attention of the visitors and thus shoot up the number of the followers. You, for example, create accounts on these social media sites, post images of unique stuffs. Similarly, you can use Vine apps and Snapchat to drive more engagement. The brownie point about these apps is their limitless tutorials, advice on YouTube, and blogs, which is value for money.

2. Conduct a Virtual Question and Answer Session
Another productive way to get the attention of your readers is to host a virtual question and answer session. Answering your customer’s questions on social media will help you engage with your customers and increases the likelihood of their interest in your products. Hosting a live session, however, will enable you to get loads of attention from your customers. Host, for example, a live streaming video Facebook Mentions segment, it will help you reply your customers’ questions in real time. This way you can assist those followers with commercial intent, but confused where they need to invest.

3. Host a Social Media Contest
Now expand your reach with online contest. Hosting a social media contest is not expensive, but it helps you get more number of followers on board as these kinds of contests are associated with social media followers share, like or comment section on your post or page. As a result, it enormously increases how many people see your page and this means your business is going to grab many eyeballs.
Although the goal remains the same to interact with your followers and share your page to increase awareness, there are myriad of ways to create social media engagement. Make sure you also pull these engagement opportunities in-store. Hand out flyers, for example, on your social media sites so that your followers can find them. Also, using apps can enable your customers to easily find you. Following the aforementioned method will not only help you get more sharing of your site, but also boosts up sales.

Wrapping Up
Your main priority is to drive business to your store and therefore you need digital strategies that can work wonders for your business. Our team uses strategies that ensure your brand stays top of mind. Get in touch with Cosmolance Tech if you are looking for increasing traffic with digital marketing. We have social media experts who have experience working for jewelry industry and know what exactly need to be done to expand your business. Contact our experts for a free digital marketing consultation.

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