Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing How do they compare

While many marketers are making the switch over to Digital, there are still senior members, organizations and agency that offer a blend of the two. Above the line marketing methods are still quite effective in India, with below-the-line marketing methods taking precedence in new media.
Traditional marketing is seeing a new wave of analytics, data and connectivity. Campaigns are being produced that offer more insights into consumer behaviour, while uniting traditional with digital means. Even when it comes to advertising content online, there is always a traditional/print version of the creative shared during launch.
Traditional marketing is also seeing a change in the way that brands perceive its impact. They’re leveraging new data-based tools and hiring new talent to decode the mystical nature of print and outdoor. Traditional marketing is also supplementing the efforts of social media marketing, often times taking the lead in big campaigns.
Some of the Best SEO Companies In Noida are preparing their budgets to include traditional impact as well. Google, while being a purely digital phenomenon, requires search traffic to come in for keywords and queries. The Best Marketing Companies are attracting these searches (branded and organic) through outdoor marketing and advertising. Customers are, in turn, searching for relevant keywords online and accessing greater information.
Through content marketing, the acquisition funnel for most customers has reduced. Time to convert, has also gone down when it comes to digital marketing. A top Digital Marketing Company In Noida may employ traditional marketing methods, but never without digital backing it up fully. Both streams of marketing have coalesced and given rise to a new phase of holistic marketing. While the two are comparable, neither one can fully explore its potential without the other.
Digital marketing methods are also able to fully explore technology to its maximum potential. With innovations like AI and machine learning, customer experiences are becoming that much more energized. Through the power of technology, marketing is able to provide more memorable experiences. Since digital is also easily accessible, it is widely seen as a means to communicate directly with the customer.
The barriers to entry for traditional are significantly higher, which is why you only see major brands and publishing houses flourish. With digital, any brand can compete effectively against incumbent providers.

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