What is Web Analytics ?

Embraced as one of the imperative marketing tools, web analytics deliver data about your website, and visitors, along with their behaviour. This data helps you determine what’s working and what’s ineffective for your site, and enhance the performance of your website and conversions rates. To be precise, this marketing tool helps marketers to streamline and enhance their marketing efforts. With our competent and qualified team, Cosmolance Tech’s web analytics services come to your aid in collecting and leveraging data using top-notch analytics tools. Being at the forefront in the field of analytics, we combine behavioural analytics, segmentation and email campaign automation to comprehend and engage your target audience every step of the way.



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Why is web Analytics Important?

Using web analytics empowers your website as it enables you to track where your web traffic is coming from, what kinds of contents drive more traffic, what day is favourable for garnering more traffic, and what are the categories of keywords people are using to visit your website. Tracking how your traffic converts to sale leads and where those leads come from is also possible through analytics tools.

This kind of data is invaluable as it is instrumental in maximizing your online marketing and sales generation leads while improving user experience. As mentioned above, you can determine the suitable day to publish blogs and topics that will interest your audience. This data will also give you an idea how to spend your marketing budget that will give you the best result. Also, you can figure out which keywords to target for Google Adwords, and which phrases need to be included in your search engine optimization effort. Also, it can help you identify additional opportunities to get more traffic and leads.